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    For the AUTOMOVIL CLUB ARGENTINO as organizer of the WRC Rally Argentina, the protection of the Environment is of fundamental importance, as it is for our collaborators, stakeholders and community in general. 

    In order to comply with this Policy, we commit to:

    a. Comply with national, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

    b. Continuously improve the environmental performance of our processes and services, continually adapting our environmental objectives and goals.

    c. Protect the health and safety of our employees.

    d. Protect the Ecosystem by controlling the Environmental Impacts that occur.

    e. Use natural resources, energy and raw materials in the most efficient possible way.

    Our work in pursuit of these commitments will consist of:

    a.       Create in our collaborators a very defined environmental awareness through training and environmental conduct at all levels and more specific environmental training where appropriate.

    b.       Disseminate and promote the environmental knowledge of the different agents (organization, drivers and all involved teams, and spectators).

    c.       Encourage cooperation and exchange with environmental agents.

    d.      Identify and apply ways to optimize transport and logistics to reduce emissions.

    e.      Identify and implement energy-efficient and environment-friendly solutions.

    f.        Implement measures to promote the selective collection of waste, as well as adequate disposal of waste.

    g.       Involve all local authorities in the zones of passage of the rally.

    h.      Reduce to the maximum the number of documents printed on paper, favoring the dissemination of digital documentation.

    i.         Integrate our suppliers and stakeholders, to our line of thinking framed in this Environmental Policy.

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